Malcolm X Home
The home of Malcolm X at 4336 Williams Street in Inkster, Michigan is on the city’s demolition list. This house, this very important part of Inkster history and American history, must be preserved. This was not only Malcolm X and his brother Wilfred’s home, it was the first place Malcolm lived right after he was released from prison. So this was his home during a very important and formative time in his life. This is where he lived when he first became a minister, at Temple Number One in Detroit.
Inkster is a vital part of the story of Malcolm X. Malcolm worked as a furniture salesman at the Cut Rate Department Store in Inkster, and he mentions Inkster in a speech on the same day as an attempted assassination on him, when his house in New York was firebombed. That was the last speech he gave outside of New York, before he was assassinated just one week later. So Inkster was one of the first things and final things on his mind from the beginning right up to the end of his life as a minister.
Malcolm’s home in Lansing, Michigan’s capital, is designated a Michigan Historic Site, and the same should be done here. It will be very expensive to restore this house, but I am sure funds can be found from the many organizations who would have a great interest in preserving this important place. In the meantime, the immediate need is to make absolutely sure it is preserved and not demolished. I have already talked to Mayor Byron Nolen about this, and he is supportive of the idea, but realistic about the challenges. I recommend all of you also talk to the mayor’s office immediately, and do everything you can to prevent the demolition of this revered place in our shared history, and world history.
Please read more about my hometown of Inkster and its contributions to all our lives, here: America’s Most Violent and Inspiring Town
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9 thoughts on “Malcolm X Home on Demolition List

  1. Inkster deserves this recognition, of once being home to Malcolm X. The points you make, Rob, should be enough to win a budget from the State or City to save this historical site.


      1. Robert my name is Jason bailey I’m from inkster I was very impressed with this article in inspired a few years ago I visited the house in was going to try in buy the home my facebook name is jay bailey please get back to me concerning this matter! Thanks in advance


      2. It’s good to hear from you, Jason. Some of your posts are inspiring and ring with profound truth. I especially like the one about your mother. Beautifully done, my Inktown Brother. How long has your family been in Inkster? My family has been in the same house in Inkster for nearly 50 years.


    1. Hi Dawon. What do you think of the idea that we stop calling this area Little Saigon? That is an old reference to the violence of the Vietnam War, and diminishes the community to its crime statistics. I have long had friends in this neighborhood where Malcom X lived with his family, and I have always called it the Malcolm X Neighborhood.


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